Abilene Portrait Photographer

Abilene portrait photographer, Joseph Linder offers bespoke portrait photography services in and around Abilene Texas. He specialises in natural light photography and these photo shoots can be done at a location of your choice or based on his recommendation.

Bellow is a list of common types of portrait photography with a brief explanation and a sample images to get an idea of his style and it can be a good fit for you.

For any questions or to book a photo shoot click here for a contact form. For information on pricing and packages available click here for the pricing page. Alternatively you can call or email bellow!

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Abilene Seniors Photography. For high school and college graduation or celebrating milestones in your children’s life.We can organise a fun and unique portrait shoot. To give you memories of this special time!



Boudoir photography is not just limited to weddings. These types of photo shoot are a great gift for your partner or simply to empower yourself. Not to mention they are great fun and for me one of the easiest types of portrait photography to be creative with. There are a lot of different ways to to run a boudoir photo shoot all at the clients discretion. I love photographing next to a window with lingerie or implied nude.


Family photography is very popular and often run alongside seniors and graduation shoots. Many of my clients choose to book an hour session and split the time. Generally on these shoots we will spend the first half doing traditionally posed shots and then the rest of the time getting a little more creative. My favourite location is the state park or we can go to a location of your choice. My style of shooting with a blown out background means we don’t need a beautiful location to get beautiful shots!



Abilene corporate photography, if you are a professional looking for a headshot or photos of you working get in touch to discuss the available options. Your professional photos dont need to be a head and should passport style photo. There are an unlimited amount of ways we can approach it to show you off at your best!


Pregnant woman make for really great subjects. This is another type of shoot thats often paired with family photography or with boudoir. This is one of my favourite types of portrait photography and can be done in nature or at home with more intimate poses using single light sources.



Photographing couples is not just limited to anniversaries and engagements. Maybe you were recently married and want to get dressed back up and have some intimate portrait shots taken. Wedding are often rushed and I really like my couples to consider a separate session in a chosen location and controlled lighting.