Real Estate Photography Grand Cayman

Real Estate Photography in the Cayman Islands. If you are thinking of selling or renting your villa, apartment, land or commercial property on Grand Cayman, Joseph Linder Photography has a variety of packages and options to help sell or advertise your property.

Real Estate or Property photography is a highly specialised part of the industry and requires specialist equipment, experience and extensive knowledge of post processing techniques. Joseph Linder Photography uses the latest full frame Canon DSLR’s. Wide angle and prime L series Canon lenses. As well as advanced editing software and photoshop techniques, such as; luminosity masks.

Modern DSLR cameras have come a long way over the years since film, in being able to recover details in the shadows of an image. Interior photography, hosting dark shadows with extensive details and luminous windows showing off the views that add value to many properties on the Cayman Islands. Are still, more often than not, to great to take the flawless images of your property that are expected by Cayman Standards.

Real Estate photo editing techniques

In Real Estate Photography, there are many different avenues to achieve the desired result depending on the circumstances. Be it lens choice, camera settings or editing techniques. Some properties require a more clinical approach. Photographing the property or land to its true likeness, recording the space as accurately as possible. Others; such as vacation rentals, need to be approached in a more artistic manner. Putting emphasis on the perks that the property and location has to offer. With stylised story telling.

Exterior shots of gardens and ocean views are best showcased with polarised filters and an appropriate level of saturation. Interiors may require strobes for inadequate lighting or HDR for the high contrast areas. For the more challenging interior shots a technique known as a luminosity mask may be required.

Luminosity masks break an image down into various channels of luminosity. In other words, they allow you to make very specific selections in Photoshop based on how bright or dark an area is. Let’s say you were looking at a beautiful sunset interior shot. Everything is exposed correctly apart from the sunset, which is completely blown out. You also have a darker exposure in which the sunset is ideally exposed.

Through luminosity masks you can make an accurate selection of the sunset because you can hone in on the brightness, or luminosity values. With this selection you can simply replace the overexposed exterior with the correctly exposed ones in the darker image. Contact here for pricing and options.

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